of parliament whose constituency includes Attawapiskat, has been pressing for months for aid to Attawapiskat. For more than a year, he has been trying to raise money to replace th.

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ing Jose Serra from the major opposition Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), who took 44 percent of the ballots. Haddad's victory has been widely seen as an electoral prize f.

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media reported. The 41-mile (about 65.6 kilometers) section of highway between Austin and San Antonio, which opened to motorists Wednesday, has a speed limit of 85 miles (about 1.

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o serve as "technical aids during critical times," and oil industry could use the same technology in the case of wells, when cement barriers are tested, Chu said. Chu called on th.

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Z, April 12 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. government promised on Monday an aid of 80 million U.S. dollars to Bolivia for its fight against drug trafficking in 2010. John Creamer,officer in.

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44 eligible voters from 174 towns over Brazil on Wednesday and Thursday, with a two-point margin of error. RIO DE JANEIRO, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's prison population grew 74 per .

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und responsible," Calderon said in a brief message published on the internet. The president is currently in the South Korean capital Seoul to participate in the Group of 20 Summit.

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here they "used as a pretext the recovery of the health of Constitutional President Hugo Chavez to promote undemocratic outputs and delegitimize his institutions." "The members of.

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promised to increase patrols in Hidalgo. The attack came during the Easter week vacation, when many Mexicans went out with their families and friends. Highways in Tamaulipas have.

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