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ig crowd. Later, a soccer match will be held between the miners and the government officials, as an act of celebration. On August 5, the copper-gold mine San Jose in the northern


t possible for the people of this region to trade and travel freely," said Clinton. "We have consistently protected the Pacific sea lanes through which a great deal of the world's.


n Friday in Brussels that "If Israel does not respect the settlements freeze, the Arab League will study some other option aside from the peace process such as going to the Unite.


980, and the top world titles in Havana 1974, Belgrade 1978 and Reno 1986. Stevenson achieved spectacular knockout victories against such high-caliber rivals as the U.S.'s Duane B.


Panetta's party was injured, but the driver in the stolen vehicle suffered burns and was being treated. Panetta proceeded with his schedule of the day after the incident, which t.

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merica's current and future adversaries will make innovative use of readily available emerging and commercial technologies and employ asymmetric tactics to disrupt the superiorit.

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e United Arab Emirates. Research In Motion Ltd., the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, has faced challenges to its overseas expansion as developing countries tighten restrictions.

d a war against drug trafficking after he took office in 2006. Official figures place the number of deaths from the conflict at more than 50,000. By Chen Yu, Zhang Yongxing WEST, TH.

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