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r is currently sending 77 Air Force Cadet personnel to local hospitals in the Hattiesburg area for medical evaluation," the U.S. Army said in a statement. The soldiers taken to th


of its profit and sales jumped in the most recent quarter, citing increasing demands for the company's smart phones and computers. In Apple's fiscal 2010 second quarter ended on Ma.


to the news website Officials did not know immediately how many people were in the plane's wreckage, the report said. However, other reports said there may be multiple .


ts said. Indeed, failure to reach a deal could mean the loss of nearly 300,000 federal jobs, according to a George Mason University study. Economists predict the loss of scores of.


or undo all of Bush's hard-line terrorism policies." Still, he warned about the existence of terrorist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as affiliated groups in Somalia,.

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S. embassy statement. Obama will pay his first official visit to India from Nov. 6. The U.S. imposed restrictions on export of high tech products to India after the latter blasted .

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City. After the alarm, the people were directed to the safe areas. A police named Jose Carmona told Xinhua that they used about 9 minutes to evacuate the people in Torre Caballito.

eputation. In conjunction with the Bank of Canada, he slashed interest rates in a bid to spur businesses and households to borrow money and spend. Besides Harper, the political el.

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