ian media on Saturday. The Liberals said U.S. law prevents foreign countries from buying U.S. weaponry for less than the Pentagon pays for it. The Conservatives insist the Liberals.

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ike China did in the past, Ann Lee, an economics and finance professor with New York University, said at a seminar here. Lee, an expert on Chinese economy, praised the Chinese mode.

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) -- Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Friday announced a plan to finance the rebuilding efforts after the Feb. 27 megaquake, including a tax increase for big companies. The me.

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e-fire in order to allow humanitarian aid into the country. The group also recognized the Syrian National Council (SNC) as the "legitimate representative" for the Syrian people. U.

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the slick and containment efforts. Related: U.S. oil spill prompts state of emergency, president's response WASHINGTON, April 30 (Xinhua) -- A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexi.

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etary Steven Chu said on Sunday. "Certainly where we site reactors -- and where we site reactors going forward -- will be different than where we might have sited them in the past .

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te, British foreign secretary and Ukrainian interim foreign minister on Wednesday urged Russia to honor the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. "The Budapest Memorandum sets out the obligat.

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stallation of the new and larger one. Suttles said it will take days to know whether the new cap can withstand the pressure of the gushing oil and siphon it through pipes to vessel.

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owns for future expansion, among the current facilities at the village are an onsite playground, basketball court and a clubhouse that acts as a central meeting place. Carroll tol.

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